Hair Care

General Hair Care Tips For All Textures

  1. Make Sure To Shampoo and Condition Before Installing Your Virgin Hair. Avoid Alcohol-Based Products to Prevent Dryness
  2. Rinse With Luke Warm Water.
  3. Use Styling Products Minimally To Prevent Build Up and Tangling.
  4. For Wavy and Curly Hair Use A Spray Bottle of Water For A Natural Look. For A “ Wet “ Look Use A Leave In Conditioner and Water.
  5. Shampoo At Least Once A Week.

Daily Maintenance 

  1. Use Shampoo No Higher Than PH7.
  2. Apply Conditioner Using A Wide Tooth Comb, Combing Starting At The Ends Working Your Way To The Roots.
  3. Rinse Throughly
  4. To Reform Curls, Scrunch Up Hair Gently. DO NOT MASSAGE!
  5. Let Hair Air-Dry
  6. Style as Desired.